Saturday, September 20, 2008

What I've Been Knitting (It's Finally Been Delivered, So Now You Can See It!)

This hat is for my friend Lesa's husband, Glen. Lesa and Glen both work at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Purple and white are their school colors.

This hat is for Lesa's son, Reese. Orange and black are the colors for Kirksville High School where Reese is a student. Yes, you've seen this before - here.

These three hats are for Lesa. Girls need more variety in their wardrobe than guys do.

These three hats are for Chloe, Lesa's daughter. They lived in Columbus when the kids were little. I helped Lesa raise Chloe from age 1 until they moved to Missouri shortly before Chloe turned five. (Lesa traveled a lot for work, and Chloe would always stay with me when she was out-of-town) Chloe turned 14 this week. I still think of her as my first child.

There are a couple of other things I've been knitting, but they are en route to their recipients, so that will have to wait a few days before being made public. Let me just say that my hat binge is over! For now....


Anonymous said...

They all turned out good...but Leesa and Chloe's hats are my faves. What kind of yarn made that fuzzy look?

Holly S. said...

I'm glad you like them! If you mean the fuzzy orange and black hat, the orange fuzz is Yarn Bee Tempting Girl in the colorway Traci. It's available only at Hobby Lobby. said...

I love them! Holly, you are amazing! I've missed you! I'd planned to be at K.C. Monday but tripped in the front lot and ended up on crutches.

I haven't forgotten you guys!

Love ya!