Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stitches South 2010

Stitches South was this past week in Atlanta. On Saturday Lacey and I went up for The Market. Lacey drove.
You can't take pictures inside the market, so this is all you get:
The entrance to the market.
Me at the market entrance.
Outside there was this big wall of yarn where you could get samples.
Wall of Yarn Samples!
Here's mine:
Xtreme Stash Guide
Once we were inside the Market, we saw new Julie from our knitting group and met her friends from Pensacola who came up to go to Stitches with her. We found original Julie from our knitting group. She and Lacey had formulated some bulk purchase plan at one of the booths. I ran into Yvonne who used to come knit with us, but hasn't in a while. It was so good to see her. I also knit on "The World's Largest Sock". They're going for the Guiness Book of World Records.
At the Lion Brand Yarn booth inside the market, I met Zontee from the YarnCraft podcast. The cool thing was that when I said, "I'm Hotpink on ravelry," she recognized my name! I had to hug her. I'm southern, it's what we do. I met Jess and Casey Knitting Royalty
who founded ravlery. (I restrained myself and only shook their hands.) They are so awesome. I love ravelry. There was a lot of hero worship being bestowed on them by many, many conference attendees. I also met Mary Heather and Sarah who help them run ravelry. Mary Heather and Sarah
I spoke to the famous Lily Chin, who was dressed in pink from her shoulders to her toes. I said, "I love your pink!" She smiled and thanked me. I saw Dianne who used to own a yarn store in Greer, South Carolina where I shopped on occasion with my friend Dawn. I also saw Margaret who used to own a yarn store in Anderson, South Carolina - my home town. She has a rabbit who stayed at the store with her. Daddy would play with the bunny while I yarn shopped. That bunny bought me a lot more browsing time. I took this photo of Lacey when we were leaving. Lacey
I should have snapped it a few minutes earlier when she had all her purchases spread out around her.
We left the convention center and drove down the street looking for something to eat. We saw this: This was the sign that lead us to our lunch.
We kept driving, but ended up turning around, going back, and trying the "Crazy Chicken".
El Pollo Loco!
It was crazy good! This is what I had: My lunch
There's rice, beans, grilled chicken, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream, pico de gallo, ranch dressing, and salsa in there. Man, it was so good! Lacey got quesadillas
Lacey's Lunch
in steak and chicken. She liked them a lot, too. It was a cool place with cool art.
Pollo Loco Art at Pollo Loco Art at Pollo Loco
Here are my take aways from the market: Take Aways
Lacey and I really liked this pattern and had to buy it.
Twist and Lace Pattern
I love buttons and got these:
I bought this beautiful bamboo yarn:
Yummy Yarn
Lacey and Julie were off buying some yarn and came back with this for me.
Project Bag
Wasn't that really sweet of them? I also got this.
Who knows what it is?
I had a great time. I was so worn out when I got home, I took a three hour nap. It was SO worth it. What a great day!


KJ said...

I'm so jealous, y'all look like you had such a good time!

Holly S. said...

It was so much fun, Kate! We're putting the date on the calendar for next year already. The first hour I was just so overwhelmed by it all. I look forward to going back next year knowing what to expect.

Lacey said...

You'll have to roll up your pennies all year and save up so that we can go and have a real blowout! :D

Holly S. said...

I Know! I need to start a Stitches Saving account...kinda like a Christmas Club! said...

I love it! Oh, how I wish I could have gone with you! Bummer.

How neat that you got to meet the founders of Ravelry. They look like very sweet people -- of course, most knitters are just the sweetest people in the world (just my own personal findings).

Love this post!