Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This year I can say with new honesty that I'm thankful to be alive. Surviving the grill of an SUV in your driver's door window makes you grateful. I'm thankful for all the prayers and encouraging words and offers of help that came my way following my accident. I'm thankful for good friends and family, for caring co-workers, and for my church family. I'm thankful for five days in a row off work! I'm thankful I get to spend Thanksgiving with my family, first in Augusta and then in South Carolina. I'm thankful that we finally worked out the insurance (and thankful my insurance didn't have to pay). I'm awfully thankful for my new car. I got it today and it's cool. I should have a chance to get pictures this weekend and will post them as soon as I can. Remember Internet access at Daddy's is extremely limited; so if I'm not very communicative, that's why. (At least I have an excuse!) Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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