Thursday, November 1, 2007

Knitting Immortality, Part II

If you're on the Lion Brand newsletter list, you might know that they have a new podcast. It's cool; no fancy equipment required, you just go to the website and push play.
Anyway, it debuted a couple of weeks ago. In that one, they asked the listeners to let them know what inspires them. I posted a comment on their blog (same link as the podcast). Well, today I found they had episode two up. So I'm listening, I'm looking at stuff on ravelry, checking my email, when about 30 minutes in, I hear my name and then they quote me. I had to pause it and call Dawn, because I had to tell somebody.
I shelled out $40 at the doctor today. Fluid in the ear. Explains the dizziness. Haven't had that since I was 24 and got my tonsils out. I've got some strong antibiotics ($30) and I'm planning on going to work tomorrow. I also have a wedding to run sound for this weekend. I need something to eat now. My appetite's back. OK.
Go listen to the podcast. Wait for my quote.

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